Local Dogs

by Doctor Cyclops

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger This is fucking tremendous !! So many great riffs that weave a tapestry of many threads. Unquestionably my download of the week ... Favorite track: Druid Samhain (feat. Bill Steer).
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Recorded in the UK and produced by James Atkinson, with the fair featuring of the Lord of Riffs Mr Bill Steer (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols), Local Dogs is an explosive mixture of seventies heavy rock, New Wave of British Heavy Metal and obscure doomy sabbath-style stuff ready to take you back to the spirit of a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods give you the impression that the epic saga of the Seventies ended up in something different than a fleeting reflection of the past. If you like the early Deep Purple groove, try to imagine it mixed with the bluesy Graveyard mood played by Cathedral jamming on Budgie's tunes in Witchfinder General's practice room: then you should be close to realize the spirit and the power of this record. In this contest the featuring of Bill Steer (Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols) on lead guitar just tastes like the cherry on top of a tempting cake.


released March 31, 2017

Christian Draghi - guitars and vocals
Francesco Filippini - bass
Alessandro Dallera - drums

Bill Steer - guitar solos on "Stardust" and "Druid Samhain"
Enzo Draghi - hammond organ on "Stanley the Owl"
Rob Last - hammond organ on "Witch's Tale"
James Atkinson - backing vocals, here and there
Steve Lloyd - lyrics of "Stanley The Owl"



all rights reserved


Doctor Cyclops Bosmenso Superiore, Italy

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-styled power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Balck Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or Witchfinder General. Even more modern references are warm-vintage styled ones: Witchcraft, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some. ... more

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Track Name: Lonely Devil
The heat of the blaze
Had scorched the rose
Pinned in her braid

The same fate befell
The fresh carnation

Subject to mind control
By a man with a silver nose

Two daughters
Left their home
To run into the gates of hell,
Grim hell!!

Then the time came when
The third daughter was
Pure jasmine dew

The stranger man
Enumerates moons

She couldn’t know
That he had been bewitched
Who’s gonna draw us out of hell?
Surrounded by flames

In the castle of broken hearts
You’ll recive the master key to every room
But if the flower withers
Reality is revealed… and damns you

All alone, his charm fed by the grace of evil
Can he stand the promises that he made?
Ashen face
His cloven hooves step on the ground
If you know what this means
You’ve seen Lucifer in your yard
Running back from the land
Of crooked skeletons
Track Name: D.I.A.
Oh, my mind’s obsessed
And I must have been infected
Sorcerer’s black magic flexed
From asteroids these eggs rejected!

From the sands behind my back
A thousand flies ready to fly and crop the sky

I’ve seen them walking by lysergic skies unreal
The painful colour of my soulful touch was real

Revolution in the minds of these people waiting for a sign
Reckon with illusions coming from the future
Radiation feeds the pain
Cancer growing changes DNA
They all regret what they didn’t do and fucked up the evolution

Oh Lord I’m sure an insectum arose from my bed

The guy with a misty eye was running yards of tear-stained miles with fear
The lonesome death could wait
For his handsome grove to rear.
Track Name: Stardust (feat. Bill Steer)
In time we’re stuck like standing still
Just like if it was frozen
But when we find ourselves awake
Then nothing will have changed

It’s hard to push the fire down
When the flame is getting higher
Beneath the shade my fears run free
They’re coming down like stardust

That rises from the depth
To bring forth a star
Refused and neglected
Where a star blew may a star no more.

Yes I am here again
My demon I surrender
Helpless, naked, piping loud
Like a fiend hid in a cloud

It rises from the depth
To bring forth a star
Refused and neglected
Where a star blew may a star no more.

You’re dancing like a dead star
Black night will guard the secret
A white glove into darkness
The only sign of passing

If you’ll walk my love into the dead of me
Will you tell real flowers from what is vain?
There’s a bit of obscurity so you’ve got to beware
But I hope and I pray and I struggle for you to dare.
Track Name: Epicurus
I’ve been stepping out from darkness
Lead by the will of a magnetic sun
And as the war rears people sharpness
Great the pain dooms the world

I’ve been coming out from darkness
Inspired by raindrops of gold
And as the war rears people sharpness
Great the pain dooms the world

Little drops of rainbow crop the sun
Lead by a source of inspiration
The less you get the more you own
Now you deal with your frustration

I’ve been through love and expectations
The passion shards control your mind
Lost in the garden I found salvation
The silence spoke with ancient rhymes

It will be there when all the stars start falling
Down where the rainbow plants his seeds
When something good is gonna up and leave you
With just the ashes of your dreams

Oh Epicurus from the stars
It comes from Venus or from Mars?
The way of leaving, I can see the ladder
It’s hanging over a plane blues sea.
Track Name: Wall Of Misery
I was nearly near to despair
In a wall of misery I fight
Innocence was just a river
That brings you down to hell

On the road to Peactopia
I could hardly remember my name
Mesmerized by a witch that healed my pain
This life I chose seems a hellish trail

Blades from a Fortune Land
And wheels of sweet pleasure
Are sinking in the mire
Awaiting our final deal

Love has spread his crimson shades
With frozen lips
Now, forgotten by time
His sphere will open but not for you!
To Love means override fear!
Track Name: King Midas
Black spider on the wall observes the great King Midas
Sea serpent wraps around the throne and stares at King Midas
Grim rats now batter doors to celebrate King Midas
White eyes behind the gates, filled with lust!

King Midas hides down by the lake
For his desires who’s to blame?
You grind your blade against these hills of foggy walls
The shapes behind your back now feed themselves
Hole of joy!

Catching you, now your ghosts are gonna stay they’ll see you through
Polymorphic mirrors made a slave of you
You’re lost!

The torturers are claiming their uncared-for servants
His gift of gold condemning him to starve
King Midas crawling on the floor aganist King Midas
His realm of trash is just a pool of ash!
Track Name: Druid Samhain (feat. Bill Steer)
Unknown origin from a land of frost and fire
Came to the point when wonder passed the truth by
Leave that behind and cross the river reaching forests

To sell the druid the remainder of your sins.

They lift the pyre, now that shadows twin with darkness
And from the light of fire the pattern comes to heart
Don’t find yourself alone or this night might be your tomb
The rite begins when torches raise their lights high

The king himself subjects his power to the season,
From catacombs the deads now rise and walk by
Great Sabbath for the witches, they spin and cast their spells
The rural people do not dare to step outside the doors because of
Rituals by Druid Samhain

It happens once a year when life's turning over
When fairies paint the leaves of yellow and red

This timeless time brings forth the rulers of the rulers
They gather round and set the pace side by side
As they approach the sacred grove with their procession
Like death's cold hand when comes and takes by surprise
The Sabbath of the witches will cast its evil spells
The rural people do not dare to step outside doors because of
Rituals by Druid Samhain

Black robed winter came
On white horses then it faded

Faithful maiden in a fateful night
preserved her love from dirty games

Hazel tree leads to the well
Where water witches wear pale masks

Creatures of blue lights,
Halo of glow-worms in the night!
Track Name: Witch's Tale
We keep rolling though we know death
As we’ve been mesmerized
And this wicked cosmic soul
Slowly in greed it dies

I hear the human voices
They spread their ingrained words
While idols raise like ghosts
In their eyes recklesness

We fight this sadness with the same cries that make it real
No religion teaches this: nobody cares about you

And so without a soul
This world in greed it lives
Just as insensitive as steel
That’s what we are…
I’ve seen mankind acrawling
Sacrificing lambs
In the name of some lost gods
That blindly rule us.

We fight this sadness with the cries that make it real
No religion teaches this: nobody cares about you